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  1. The combined body scheduled its leadership election for Feb . 24.
  2. His X Fashion combined body painting with aluminum tin foil, as well as other materials.
  3. In 1983 the new combined body was privatised to become the British Technology Group ( BTG ).
  4. The car had a combined body and chassis made of steel and plywood and could seat two.
  5. He then developed his own way of combining body and mind and the somatic regulators that connect these two dimensions.
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  7. In Galileo s thought experiment, for example, the rearrangement of empirical experience consists in the original idea of combining bodies of different weight.
  8. For armies in cold climates, it might turn out to be a simple matter of survival to combine body warmth through the night.
  9. The combined body had 10, 500 congregations and 4.8 million members in the United States and the Caribbean by the time of Marshall's death.
  10. Like such vehicles as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Lexus RX 300, this arrangement combines body, floor and frame into one piece, like a car.
  11. One example of a puzzle is the Frankenstein's monster which must be created by combining body parts in a specific location on the horror film set.
  12. Ngata, Nuku and Niukapu decided to wrap their combined bodies under a large mat and land in Hihifo, giving the impression of a large man with three heads.
  13. It's a relatively new concept combining body, soul and spirit, allowing both the faithful and not so faithful to make the connection between physical exercise and spiritual fitness.
  14. Lake Michigan is joined via the narrow, open-water Straits of Mackinac with Lake Huron, and the combined body of water is sometimes called Michigan Huron ( also Huron Michigan ).
  15. Obviously inspired by his first love _ menswear _ Lauren has taken feather-light wool ticking and cut it on the bias for a collection that combines body-hugging slink and precision of line.
  16. Then the mayor joined some 200 guests crammed into the St . Clair room at the Hilton, where the combined body temperatures was high enough to melt prematurely the elephant ice sculpture.
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