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  1. He scored only seven points combined against Seattle and Sacramento last week.
  2. Many Tibetan nobles combined against them in the lead of the empress.
  3. The Blackhawks are 9-6-2 combined against those teams . ..
  4. However, his rivals met in February 1818 and agreed to combine against the Honymans.
  5. Thereafter, the rival factions of villagers combine against the Romans and destroy their war machines.
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  7. Despite being a critical success, the high budget and ongoing Great Depression combined against the film.
  8. Lugia at first tries to stop the battle himself, but is outmatched by the birds powers combined against him.
  9. The continual thrusts into the penalty area finally paid off as Serna and Rooney combined against defenders Danny Califf and Ezra Hendrickson.
  10. He also drove in more runs Tuesday than the Red Sox scored in all three games combined against the Indians in'95.
  11. Discontented factions combined against him and, in 1466, elected Erik Axelsson Tott as regent, whereupon Bengtsson was compelled to retire.
  12. Lineup changes : After scoring only three runs in the past two games combined against Tampa Bay, Scioscia shook up the lineup Friday.
  13. He gained 175 yards against Florida's porous defense, but he had only 134 yards combined against Louisiana-Monroe and LSU.
  14. On May 7, Milroy received intelligence that Jackson and Johnson were combining against him and he began to fall back toward the Alleghenies.
  15. Nolan showed his orders to the hunters and despite an initial level of mistrust, they were willing to combine against a common enemy.
  16. Then came the seven-game winning streak, followed by the Redskins losing consecutive games while allowing 75 points combined against Buffalo and Arizona.
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