combine advisor in a sentence

  1. Several pods containing Combine Advisors are ejected from the Citadel as it detonates.
  2. Aside from the Hunters, Alyx and Gordon fight numerous Combine soldiers, zombies, a Hunter-Chopper, and have a chance encounter with a Combine Advisor.
  3. Just as they are about to set off to locate the " Borealis ", a Combine Advisor appears and kills Eli, leaving Alyx in tears.
  4. Located within City 17, the Citadel serves as the primary headquarters of the Combine, housing both Combine Advisors and the office of the Earth administrator, Wallace Breen.
  5. As they progress, it becomes evident that the Combine Advisors escaped the Citadel's destruction, and that remaining Combine forces are regrouping, albeit under occasional attacks by Vortigaunts.
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  7. When the duo reaches White Forest, after a run-in with a Combine Advisor, they are reunited with Dr . Kleiner and Dr . Vance, and are formally introduced to Dr . Arne Magnusson, who has taken control of the base.

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