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  1. Steedman currently holds the Chair of Cognitive Science in the Combinatory Categorial Grammar ( CCG ).
  2. Specifically Curran's research has focused on the area of natural language processing known as combinatory categorial grammar parsing.
  3. Lecomte and Retor?( 2001 ) introduces a formalism that modifies that core of the Lambek Calculus to allow for movement-like processes to be described without resort to the combinatorics of Combinatory categorial grammar.
  4. This approach to language has been especially influential among certain computational linguists perhaps more so than among more traditional Combinatory Categorial Grammar ), which attempt a derivation of syntactic and semantic representation in tandem and the semantics of quantifiers, scope and discourse ( Hans Kamp, a student of Montague, co-developed Discourse Representation Theory ).
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