combinatory algebra in a sentence

  1. His research involves lambda calculus, type theory and combinatory algebra.
  2. Relevant attributes of the combinatory algebra are:
  3. Combinatory algebras remain unable to act as the algebraic structure for ?-calculus, the lack of recursion being a major disadvantage.
  4. A combinatory algebra allows for the application operator and acts as a useful starting point but remains insufficient for the ?-calculus in being unable to express abstraction.
  5. The ?-algebra describing the algebraic structure of the lambda-calculus is found to be an extension of the combinatory algebra, with an element introduced to accommodate abstraction.
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  7. We must construct an algebra which allows for solutions to equations such as axy = xyy such that a = ? xy . xyy there is need for the combinatory algebra.
  8. His current interests include Probabilistic and Functional Complexity Classes, Combinatory Algebras as a foundation to Theory of Computations, the interconnections of Cryptographic Techniques and Computational Complexity as well as Algorithms for Graph Problems.

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