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  1. It is in this way that primitive combinators behave as functions.
  2. In untyped lambda calculus fixed-point combinators are not especially rare.
  3. This anonymous recursion can be produced generically via fixed-point combinators.
  4. These combinators are extremely useful when translating predicate logic or lambda calculus into combinator expressions.
  5. Fixed-point combinators may also be easily defined in other functional and imperative languages.
  6. It's difficult to find combinators in a sentence.
  7. Only parser combinators are faster in Haskell.
  8. Closed lambda expressions are also known as combinators and are equivalent to terms in combinatory logic.
  9. The first linguistic and psycholinguistic arguments for basing the grammar on combinators were put forth by Szabolcsi.
  10. The simple implementations of parser combinators have some shortcomings, which are common in top-down parsing.
  11. *Esqueleto : is a haskell combinators layer to generate correct relational queries to " persistent ".
  12. In 2005 Mayer Goldberg showed that the set of fixed-point combinators of untyped lambda calculus is recursively enumerable.
  13. The combinators may be combined to direct values to their correct places in the expression without ever naming them as variables.
  14. Na飗e combinatory parsing requires monads to construct the combinators for systematic and correct threading of memo-table throughout the computation.
  15. The CCG formalism defines a number of combinators ( application, composition, and type-raising being the most common ).
  16. Following the definitions of two basic recognizers p and q, we can define two major parser combinators for alternative and sequencing:
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