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  1. The key is to be found in the general mathematical properties of combinatoric growth.
  2. Lexical class constructions describe combinatoric and other properties common to a group of lexemes.
  3. Is there any stand alone degree of Algebra, Analysis, Combinatoric, Geometry?
  4. However, actually making such a deduction is impossible in practice due to combinatoric explosion.
  5. And then of course there's the whole combinatoric mess in solving it after that point.
  6. It's difficult to find combinatoric in a sentence.
  7. Book 8 of this work ( Musurgia Mirifica ) is a longer treatise on using combinatoric techniques to construct music.
  8. Although for finite fields the topological aspect vanishes and the algebraic one seems rather poor, still the combinatoric is very rich.
  9. At the American Economic Association meetings in San Francisco next week, Harvard's Martin Weitzman will roll out the first combinatoric approach.
  10. The answers are alternate three values and there is a fourth value, unanswered, allowed in the combinatoric deductive processing, where the user does not select an answer.
  11. This condensed notation is particularly useful in discussing multi-valued extensions of logic, as it significantly cuts down on combinatoric explosion of the number of rows otherwise needed.
  12. "In the West Li is best remembered for a combinatoric formula, known as the  Li Renshu identity,  that he derived using only traditional Chinese mathematical methods ."
  13. They then go on ( if they go on in math ) through permutations and combinations on their way to graph and coding theory, and so on out to the frontiers of combinatoric algebra and geometry.
  14. Anku's circular notation shows the various " combinatoric aspects of [ a ] pattern relative to different metrical positions, based on how the rhythmic pattern is aligned with [ a ] regulative metric pattern ."
  15. The OULIPO ( in French, " Ouvroir de litt閞ature potentielle ", or " Workshop of Potential Literature " ) brought together writers, artists, and mathematicians to explore innovative, combinatoric means of producing texts.
  16. Gesture, the instantaneous, global, nonconventional component, is  not an external accompaniment of speech, which is the sequential, analytic, combinatoric component; it is not a  representation of meaning, but instead meaning  inhabits it.
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