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  1. He wrote several works on morphology, and colour theory.
  2. In 1816, opponent colour theory ( 1872 ).
  3. Gartside s colour theory was published privately under the disguise of a traditional water colouring manual.
  4. He later said " Russell was my teacher, and Russell explained colour theory to me ."
  5. In 2013 he presented the eight-episode TV series " Colour Theory " on National Indigenous Television.
  6. It's difficult to find colour theory in a sentence.
  7. During this career Thomson taught etching, composition, still life to the painting school and colour theory to the art and architecture students.
  8. As a result of his extensive reading of Schopenhauer's works, he became deeply interested throughout his life in colour theory and philosophy.
  9. Colour theories were relatively new, and his controversial paint scheme created much debate and negative publicity in the newspapers and journals of the day.
  10. Its first year foundational course mimicked the " Vorkurs " and focused on the elements and principles of design plus colour theory and application.
  11. They all had studied the recent books on colour theory, and they know that orange placed next to azure blue made both colours much brighter.
  12. Matisse's style changed radically, and he would later say " Russell was my teacher, and Russell explained colour theory to me ."
  13. A combination of complex brushstroke techniques, and a meticulous application of contemporary colour theory bring to the composition a sense of gentle vibrancy and timelessness.
  14. In their first year, students learnt the basic elements and principles of design and colour theory, and experimented with a range of materials and processes.
  15. Contemporary artistic movements such as cubism, vorticism and impressionism also influenced the development of camouflage as they dealt with disrupting outlines, abstraction and colour theory.
  16. The painting is one of the first Klee did in oils and is typical of the artist's interest in colour theory, draughtsmanship and musicality.
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