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  1. Colour tests were first radiated from Alexandra Palace from 7 October 1954.
  2. He undertook colour tests, intending to make Australia's first colour movie.
  3. Many other colour test transmissions occurred subsequently.
  4. He was the principal developer of the Cambridge Colour Test, and supervised the collection of the Cambridge database of natural spectra.
  5. In Spain, the PM5544 test card is used by the TVE, which has used its own colour test card since 1975.
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  7. In November 1956 the first colour test transmissions began from Crystal Palace, relaying live pictures from the studios at Alexandra Palace after BBC TV had closed down for the night.
  8. For example, experimental research of aircraft control services, which was conducted at St . Petersburg State University had shown that quality of interaction integral controller which was calculated on the basis of SMoIR ( socionics model of intertype relationships ) is correlated with sociometric data colour test relations.
  9. Broadcast on this system officially commenced in 1967 with BBC2's ( and the UK's ) launch of colour television programming, though previous years had seen many unofficial colour test films outside of official broadcasting hours, including some which trialled NTSC and SECAM . BBC2 was joined in 1969 by ITV franchises ( the rest following in stages into the 1970s ).
  10. "The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse " was filmed in colour on the set of " Honey for the Prince " and was, as Brian Clemens originally wrote it, intended to be tagged on to the end of the final b / w episode transmitted in America to advertise the upcoming colour episodes ( though the b / w sequence titled " Preamble for USA, " written by Clemens to introduce the item, which was to have featured Rigg and Macnee explaining / introducing this short colour test film, is either lost or was never filmed ).

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