colour blindness in a sentence

"colour blindness" meaning  "colour blindness" in Chinese  
  1. This type of pattern is also seen in colour blindness.
  2. Variants in this gene have been shown to cause achromatopsia and colour blindness.
  3. However due to partial colour blindness Victor was not accepted to the flight school.
  4. :: A LOT depends on which kind of colour blindness you're talking about.
  5. :It's really hard to know without knowing which kind of colour blindness he has.
  6. It's difficult to find colour blindness in a sentence.
  7. Equine vision compares horses'sight to that of a human with red-green colour blindness.
  8. My son can correctly identify all of the colours in a rainbow-but cannot pass a colour blindness test.
  9. I created a template on Wikimedia Commons to help those of use who have some form of colour blindness :.
  10. He was born with achromatopsia, an extreme form of colour blindness that results in his seeing only in grayscale.
  11. He hated school, and his a passion for a life at sea was blighted when he was found to have colour blindness.
  12. Individuals with various forms of colour blindness such as deuteranopia and protanopia are missing human middle wavelength sensitive or long wavelength sensitive opsins.
  13. However, about 8 % of males and 0.5 % of females have some version of " colour blindness " from birth.
  14. In 2000 Faith played a lead part in the 20 part web movie " 175 Degrees of Colour Blindness ( 175?^ r傭v ) ".
  15. The shape is an important feature, as colours cannot be distinguished in some light conditions, or by persons with red-green colour blindness.
  16. It is a lack of one or more of the cone subtypes that causes individuals to have deficiencies in colour vision or various kinds of colour blindness.
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