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  1. This exclusionary hiring policy was known as the'Industrial Colour Bar '.
  2. One transponder was reactivated in October 2005, but was carrying only colour bars.
  3. A colour bar on top indicates the amount of background each player has captured.
  4. Still others were arrested for having sex across the colour bar or for homosexual sex.
  5. He could not contest any British championships owing to the colour bar then in operation.
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  7. The sign off'Colour Bar'is currently being used ( 2016 ) at the end of the transmission.
  8. A'colour bar'remained in British boxing until 1947.
  9. Led by youth worker colour bar.
  10. Then click the shield's background, and click white in the colour bar near the bottom of the screen.
  11. The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act was repealed, while the pass laws and employment colour bar were relaxed.
  12. A US-style NTSC TV shows either a dark or a light vertical line between some of the colour bars.
  13. They hang out in clubs like this one or the Colour Bar in Auckland Park, north of the city center.
  14. In his opposition to the policy, Mannix stated in 1949 that " there is no colour bar in Australia ".
  15. One day Tony sees Moses dressing Mary and is surprised and somewhat amazed by Mary's breaking of the'colour bar '.
  16. However, Kaunda continued to support Nkumbula even though in 1956 Nkumbula attempted to end the campaign against the colour bar.
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