coloring information in a sentence

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  1. A face detection method using color information
  2. The color information specifies 65536 shades of gray
  3. The color information of the each pixel number
  4. Contains the size information but not the color information
  5. A method of human face detection based on chrominance color information features
  6. It's difficult to find coloring information in a sentence.
  7. Retrieve color information
  8. Indoor and outdoor people detection and shadow elimination by exploiting hsv color information
  9. Represents a custom vertex format structure that contains position and color information
  10. Gets a value that specifies how to interpret the color information in the array of colors
  11. The format defines how many bits of memory are needed to store the color information for a single pixel
  12. Represents a custom vertex format structure that contains transformed vertices and color information
  13. ( 3 ) egg shell color is relate to the color information of the yolk region , which can be indentified by " i " by fuzzy mathematics
  14. You have noticed text level formatting or hyperlink color information altered after manipulating your files in the frontpage editor
  15. However , this " fix " also requires color information to be included in the html , which undermines the benefits of using css in the first place
  16. Since the carrier is suppressed , this phase and frequency reference is required for synchronous demodulation of the color information in the receiver
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