coloring in in a sentence

"coloring in" in Chinese  
  1. Put margarine, vanilla, salt and food coloring in mixing bowl.
  2. Tartrazine is listed as a permitted food coloring in Canada.
  3. Malibu handles all of its coloring in-house.
  4. Stir together butter and food colorings in large bowl.
  5. He is wearing protective coloring in a university town.
  6. It's difficult to find coloring in in a sentence.
  7. The portrayal doesn't cry out for color so much as coloring in.
  8. The Berlin Conference drew the lines and mostly finished coloring in Africa in 1895.
  9. Students might do coloring in Hays'illustrations.
  10. Why is there food coloring in such items?
  11. Tinting : Put 1 cup shredded coconut and 3 drops food coloring in a jar.
  12. "Even coloring in wax crayon makes children scribble, " she said.
  13. It was a red cup with sugar, water and red food coloring in it.
  14. Another similar method is coloring in squares in a 100s chart to show multiplication patterns.
  15. The coloring in between the lines.
  16. She put blue food coloring in the fried chicken, the corn and the mashed potatoes.
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