coloring algorithm in a sentence

  1. Apply a bipartite graph edge coloring algorithm to.
  2. There are however exponential time exact edge coloring algorithms that give an optimal solution.
  3. The bound is found using improved coloring algorithm.
  4. For an ordering with this property, the greedy coloring algorithm uses at most colors.
  5. It may be the case that the graph coloring algorithm fails to find a coloring of the interference graph.
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  7. The upper bound, proved in Heawood's original short paper, is based on a greedy coloring algorithm.
  8. In the same paper they briefly describe a linear-time five-coloring algorithm, which is asymptotically optimal.
  9. In addition to reducing time improved coloring algorithm also reduces the number of steps needed to find a maximum clique.
  10. Set of vertices " R " can now be used as input for both approximate coloring algorithm and ColorSort algorithm.
  11. In 1996, Robertson, Sanders, Seymour, and Thomas described a quadratic four-coloring algorithm in their " Efficiently four-coloring planar graphs ".
  12. Chordal graphs are perfectly orderable : an optimal coloring may be obtained by applying a greedy coloring algorithm to the vertices in the reverse of a perfect elimination ordering.
  13. However, an approximation ratio of two can be achieved by a greedy coloring algorithm, because the chromatic number of a claw-free graph is greater than half its maximum degree.
  14. He used this approach not only for 3-coloring but as part of a more general graph coloring algorithm, and similar approaches to graph coloring have been refined by other authors since.
  15. More specifically, comparability graphs are perfectly orderable graphs, a subclass of perfect graphs : a greedy coloring algorithm for a topological ordering of a transitive orientation of the graph will optimally color them.
  16. Cooper and Dasgupta recently developed a " lossy " Chaitin-Briggs graph coloring algorithm suitable for use in a JIT . The " lossy " moniker refers to the imprecision the algorithm introduces into the interference graph.
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