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  1. As with all colorimetric methods blanks are used to control for contamination by outside material.
  2. Acidification of the organic phase yields rubrocyanine, which can be detected by colorimetric methods.
  3. This colorimetric method is ineffective when comparable amounts of arsenate are present in solution with phosphate.
  4. Gr黷zner is credited with introducing a colorimetric method for determining the quantity of pepsin in a solution.
  5. Ammonia reacts with Berthelot's reagent to form a blue product which is used in a colorimetric method for determining ammonia.
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  7. The "'Jaffe reaction "'is a colorimetric method used in clinical chemistry to determine creatinine levels in blood and urine.
  8. On October 7, 1952, he was granted a patent for an " oxygen recorder " that used colorimetric methods to measure the levels of compounds present in the atmosphere.
  9. Colorimetric methods have existed such as the Neubauer-L鰓enthal method which uses potassium permanganate as an oxidizing agent and indigo sulfate as an indicator, originally proposed by L鰓enthal in 1877.
  10. acidity of the product at any given time, and the colorimetric methods then in use, such as readings from litmus paper, did not work well because sulfur dioxide interfered with them.
  11. By using the GFAAS for total chromium, diphenylcarbazide-Cr ( VI ) complex colorimetric method for hexavalent chromium, and flame-AAS and ICP-MS for other toxic elements, their concentrations were investigated in several groundwater samples.
  12. For many natural waters, a measurement of molybdate-reactive silica by this test method provides a close approximation of total silica, and, in practice, the colorimetric method is frequently substituted for other more time-consuming techniques.
  13. A successful application of the AuNP-colorimetric method to clinical diagnosis reported by " Baptista et al " . was the sensitive detection in clinical samples of " Mycobacterium tuberculosis ", the human tuberculosis etiologic agent.

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