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  1. Some large bank collateralised loan obligation transactions are also being funded through these programmes.
  2. Non-collateralised loans are subject to a 250 basis point surcharge.
  3. The existing rules allow six and 12-month income recognition for uncollateralised and fully-collateralised loans respectively.
  4. At present, the period is 12 months for fully-collateralised loans and six months for non-collateralised loans.
  5. At present, the period is 12 months for fully-collateralised loans and six months for non-collateralised loans.
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  7. Currently, the interest rate for collateralised loans is 1 percentage point above the repurchase rate which stands around 20 per cent.
  8. Another reason for opposition put forward by IFCT was that the rehabilitation move did not receive cooperation from creditors of collateralised loans.
  9. Until last month Thai banks were allowed to avoid classifying fully-collateralised loans as substandard until no payment had been made for 12 months.
  10. Currently, Moody's said that the main term products are collateralised loan obligations ( CLOs ), asset-backed securities ( ABS ), and repackaged securities.
  11. Certainly, the new definition of NPLs to include collateralised loans on which interest has not been paid for more than six months is a major factor driving NPLs up, but Banthoon said he is pleased as the higher NPLs require increased provisions.
  12. Sukhatep denied any fund misappropriation and said that of the Bt800 million collateralised loan for the office buildings, the Bt500-million headquarters building has already been transferred to it, and the Bangkok Bank of Commerce and its customer will shortly settle ownership of the Bt300-million ICE Tower.

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