cold shoulder in a sentence

"cold shoulder" meaning  "cold shoulder" in Chinese  
  1. The Bucs, though, are sure to get a cold shoulder next week.
  2. When that project failed he was given the cold shoulder by RT?
  3. :: Is it me or am I getting the cold shoulder again?
  4. Moviegoers around the world loved it; Hollywood gave him the cold shoulder.
  5. She began to notice the cold shoulders, the malicious talk about Baya.
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  7. It smiled on Ronald Reagan, then gave him a cold shoulder.
  8. He volunteered .'You kind of get a cold shoulder sometimes ."
  9. Charlie enters and gives Lily, Rufus, and Dan the cold shoulder.
  10. Despite his cold shoulder, Miss Bentley determinedly pursues the ill-tempered major.
  11. Beaumont society, however, turned a cold shoulder to her new money.
  12. Muscle started when I bent down to touch its buffed if cold shoulder.
  13. Women can give you the cold shoulder very easily here, and they do,
  14. Busch said he expects to get some cold shoulders at Dodger Stadium tonight.
  15. The government appears to give a cold shoulder to the complaints.
  16. At the federal level, the United States response has been a cold shoulder.
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