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  1. For Malaysia, it has to be cognisant of the competitive atmosphere.
  2. She has been consulted throughout and is fully cognisant.
  3. He was a cognisant, though not outspoken, member of the house.
  4. All are cognisant of the fact that the property development sector is winding down.
  5. Ashamed of himself, but cognisant of necessity, Scree takes the leadership of Bram Kaie.
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  7. In 2011 local market research company Cognisant Research carried out an audience survey for the station.
  8. In his teaching, Milgrom was always cognisant of what economic models could and could not do.
  9. And he was cognisant of providing beautiful outlooks from indoors as well as particular spots in the garden.
  10. The law does not need to spell out every possible individual risk that businesses need to be cognisant of.
  11. Indeed, Trotter herself was cognisant of the limitations her gender placed upon her and often voiced her protest in writing.
  12. Initial results ( October 2009 ) from IBEX suggest that previous assumptions are insufficiently cognisant of the true complexities of the heliopause.
  13. He also describes how students are cognisant of the relative pros and cons of face-to-face versus online communication forms.
  14. However, in general one's responsibility is to be cognisant of the candidates-and therefore the responsible thing would generally be to vote.
  15. He entered into correspondence with Catholic priests and Jacobite conspirators, whose schemes, so far as he could make himself cognisant of them, he betrayed to the government.
  16. The nearer we are to an event the less likely we are to give an a ) an object analysis, and b ) be fully cognisant of all the facts.
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