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  1. `Take cognisance of internal weaknesses', NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT
  2. The courts will also be able to take sou motu cognisance of the case.
  3. "" The three great Godheads have taken cognisance of the state of disorder in the world.
  4. The said poor children shall wear on their upper garment the cognisance or crest of me, John Roan ."
  5. The affidavit of Mr . Cousins is not so explicit as to exempt him from cognisance of what was happening.
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  7. SIT took cognisance of Singh's complaint, and sent both versions of the Excel sheet for forensic analysis.
  8. He added : " To suggest our approach failed to take cognisance of the safety of children is inaccurate and unjust.
  9. The tribunal rejected the plea of bail after noting that there were formal charges against Azam of which it had taken cognisance.
  10. Communal challenges, more than perhaps other social challenges, demand solutions which take cognisance of the intricacies and complexities of particular situations.
  11. If liberalisation is instituted gradually, and taking due cognisance of these legitimate social objectives, much of the present resistance would disappear.
  12. According to this legend, rishi Bhrigu cursed Ashwapati, because he did not take cognisance of the rishi during a religious ceremony.
  13. The official investigation into Latham's death took no cognisance of his concerns and recorded the incident as a tragic hunting accident.
  14. The open skies agreement was established in cognisance of the vast potential for growth of passenger and cargo traffic between Malaysia and the US.
  15. Explaining Bernas'business plan, Ibrahim said it takes cognisance of consumers'interests, farmers'interests as well as global threats.
  16. Asean policy-makers must take cognisance of this need for regional surveillance, although its form may differ from what Camdessus has in mind.
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