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  1. The only exception is a limited fishery by coastal Indian tribes.
  2. Coastal Thailand routes like " Beauty of Danger,"
  3. Coastal temperatures will soar toward 90 degrees Saturday in southern California.
  4. _The coastal zone around the Galapagos Islands, off Ecuador;
  5. Here, a seasonal contrast in coastal restaurant habits is vivid.
  6. It's difficult to find coastal in a sentence.
  7. Snow and some coastal rain will spread over the region Friday.
  8. Some of the thunderstorms could subsequently drift westward over coastal regions.
  9. However, coastal fog will begin the day in southern California.
  10. They are also banking that Coastal's holdings pay off.
  11. Fog will be limited to a few coastal valleys in California.
  12. Morning coastal clouds will also be common along the Pacific Seaboard.
  13. Clouds and showers will linger over Florida and the coastal Carolinas.
  14. Some come from the larger Sonoma County and Sonoma coastal regions.
  15. A small disturbance west of Oregon will produce some coastal clouds.
  16. A cold front entering the Pacific Northwest will sponsor coastal showers.
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