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  1. They also transported high-ranking officers, friendly coast watchers, and native guerrilla units.
  2. Coast watchers and scouts also listened to the AFRS stations for information about what was happening.
  3. During World War II, Robert Dean Frisbie and several coast watchers lived on the largest islet, Anchorage.
  4. With VP-101 and assigned crash boats, " San Pablo " formed Allied coast watchers, and native guerrilla units.
  5. He had built a fleet especially for the occasion, hid it in the Nile mouths and posted coast watchers.
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  7. During World War II, Coast Watchers played a major role on the Pacific islands monitoring Japanese naval and air movements.
  8. In 1995, the organization sponsored Coastal Summit'95 and published Coast Watchers guide and started producing public service announcements, Coastal Minutes.
  9. Scouts were used as message runners, coast watchers, and were to be alert for men who had not reported for duty.
  10. He also made efforts to organize a coast watcher network to report enemy ships and to protect German shipping in the area.
  11. Donald Gilbert Kennedy was a Coast watcher stationed at Segi on New Georgia during the Solomon Islands campaign during the Pacific War.
  12. He served as a coast watcher in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands and also as commanding officer of the 1st Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment.
  13. A newer system has recently been used for coastal surveillance in Canada, and is now offered for sales by Thales as the Coast Watcher.
  14. Many of the Scouts also volunteered for duties as interpreters, coast watchers and messengers, as well as to serve in hospitals and other support establishments.
  15. I added redirection pages for coast-watcher and coast-watchers to Coastwatchers, but now I see that there are more variations, e . g . coast watchers.
  16. I believe it was Sunday evening that we were required to watch segments on the Australian coast watcher who was instrumental in rescuing JFK and his crew.
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