coast tsimshian in a sentence

  1. This sound is also found in Coast Tsimshian, where it is written ?.
  2. The three were all referred to as " Coast Tsimshian, " even though some communities were not coastal.
  3. The name Klemtu is from the Coast Tsimshian language " Klemdoo-oolk, " meaning " impassable ".
  4. The fading and glottalized vowels in Tongass Tlingit have also been compared with similar systems in the Coast Tsimshian dialect.
  5. There are distinct groups of Tsimshian native peoples : the Nishga, the Gitksan, the Coast Tsimshian, and the Southern Tsimshian.
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  7. The "'Tsimshianic "'languages are a lects : Coast Tsimshian, Southern Tsimshian, Nisg1a a, and Gitksan.
  8. Sandy Horne performs and tours with Coast Tsimshian singer / songwriter, storyteller, recording artist Shannon Thunderbird, a First Nations artist from Northern British Columbia.
  9. Coast Tsimshian is spoken along the lower Skeena River in Northwestern British Columbia, on some neighbouring islands, and to the north at Hazelton and other areas.
  10. Tolmie wrote about the fur trade in the area, saying that it was conducted with the Coast Tsimshians and Heiltsuks, using a pidgin jargon composed of the Kaigani and Tshatshinni dialects of Haida and English.
  11. In the 1830s a pidgin trade language based on Haida, known as "'Haida Jargon "', was used in the islands by speakers of English, Haida, Coast Tsimshian, and Heiltsuk.

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