co-occurrence in a sentence

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  1. Co - occurrence of two resident marine mammals
  2. No go at soko co - occurrence of the two resident marine mammals
  3. A new feature extracting algorithm based gray level co - occurrence matrix
  4. Co - occurrence analysis of keywords in chinese nanotechnology research papers
  5. Feature co - occurrence restriction
  6. It's difficult to find co-occurrence in a sentence.
  7. We proposed a method based on bilexical co - occurrences to tag chinese text
  8. Seafloor sediment classification using a neighborhood gray level co - occurrence matrix
  9. There were higher co - occurrence of occupation with male and middle - aged persons
  10. Content - based image retrieval in database using svm and gray primitive co - occurrence matrix
  11. The segmentation method of retinal blood vessels based on gray level - gradient co - occurrence matrix
  12. Query expansion for chinese information retrieval by using a decaying co - occurrence model
  13. Objective to determine the characteristics of co - occurrence of major health risk behaviors
  14. Co - occurrence matrixes identify repeated occurrences of gray level pixel configurations within the texture
  15. Automatic visual inspection for foamed mask packing products based on co - occurrence matrix and color features
  16. On this basis , the four numerical features identifying the content of image are raised from gray - level co - occurrence matrix of the image
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