clytius in a sentence

"clytius" in Chinese  
  1. There, Hazel, with Hecate's aid, manages to kill Clytius.
  2. By manipulating the Mist, Hazel traps Pasipha?inside an illusion, leaving only Clytius.
  3. Eurytus was killed by Dionysus with his thyrsus, Clytius by Hecate with her torches, and Thoas with bronze clubs.
  4. Descending through the temple's complex structure, they are separated with Leo and Hazel remaining to confront the guardians of the Door of Death : the giant Clytius and the sorceress Pasipha?
  5. He married Antiope, daughter of Pylon ( son of Naubolus ) and had these children : Iphitus, Clytius, Toxeus, Deioneus, Molion, Didaeon, and a very beautiful daughter, Iole.
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