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  1. Clytie's jealousy caused her sister's death.
  2. But no other extant sources mention either Orchamus or his daughters Leucothoe and Clytie.
  3. At first referred to as lotus flower, it is now accepted as Clytie.
  4. His two eldest daughters, Sylvia and Clytie Whitington, were highly respected musicians.
  5. Slowly Clytie wasted away and turned into a flower that always faces toward the sun.
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  7. Last year the species included Guava Skippers, Clytie Ministreaks and Silver-banded Hairstreaks.
  8. Smalley is from a seafaring family, and lives in London with his wife, Clytie.
  9. Clytie Mundy retired from performing in the late 1920s, and became a renowned singing teacher.
  10. In this regard they are like the faces Clytie studies in the story that bears her name.
  11. He then married 5 July 1906 Frances Clytie Greenstock, daughter of Rev . Canon William Greenstock.
  12. On 6 December the two chosen singers, the Australian-born soprano Clytie Hine and baritone Charles Mott, rehearsed with Elgar.
  13. More exhibitions at Clytie Jessop's gallery followed, with titles such as " Anti-Social Realism " and " Vomart ".
  14. The poem may allude to the myth of Clytie and Hyperion ( as described in Ovid's " Metamorphoses " ).
  15. Keith, as well as suggesting a tie to the myth of Clytie, also points to that of Narcissus being the Wild Daffodil ).
  16. In 1875 in Liverpool, Hodson created the title character of Clytie in Joseph Hatton's dramatisation of his novel of the same name.
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