clytha park in a sentence

  1. Queensway passes Newport railway station and links the Old Green Interchange to Newport Civic Centre via Clytha Park Road.
  2. It was built in 1790 by William Jones of Clytha Park in memory of his wife who had recently died.
  3. Clytha Castle is a crenellated stone folly with gothic windows set on a rounded hill, amid chestnut groves, overlooking Clytha Park and the River Usk.
  4. It was therefore decided to add two Crown Courts to the Clytha Park Road wing of the new building in order to enable the Assizes and Quarter Sessions to be held in Newport.
  5. After a period of ownership by Sir Abraham Garrod Thomas of Clytha Park, the House was bought by Assizes were held at Monmouth, some 25 miles from Newport via a slow winding road.
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  7. Clytha Castle folly is set close to the A40 Abergavenny to Raglan road, originally within the parkland that formed part of the estate of nearby Clytha Park, some four miles west of Raglan at the Betws Newydd turnoff.
  8. "' Clytha Park "'in Clytha, Monmouthshire, Wales, is " the finest early nineteenth century Greek Revival house " in the county and encompasses its " two outstanding examples of late eighteenth century Gothic ",
  9. Nearby is Neoclassical Clytha Park, hidden from the old A40 road, but its gothic gates, designed by John Nash ( architect ) are visible right on the road at the long drive and [ http : / / www . geograph . org . uk / photo / 490415.

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