clytha castle in a sentence

  1. Clytha Castle is a crenellated stone folly with gothic windows set on a rounded hill, amid chestnut groves, overlooking Clytha Park and the River Usk.
  2. Overlooking the house, on a prominent hill, stands the folly of Clytha Castle, constructed by William Jones the Elder in memory of his wife.
  3. Clytha Castle is in the care of the Landmark Trust who have maintained the building since 1974 and enabled many visitors to the area to fully appreciate it through letting it as holiday accommodation.
  4. Clytha Castle folly is set close to the A40 Abergavenny to Raglan road, originally within the parkland that formed part of the estate of nearby Clytha Park, some four miles west of Raglan at the Betws Newydd turnoff.
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