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  1. Fans from all countries cluttered the streets chanting their national cheer.
  2. Her cluttered, two-bedroom apartment is small but homey.
  3. Many users seek special touches to be memorable in cluttered mailboxes.
  4. He does not deserve to be undermined and cluttered and weakened.
  5. The world of Williams is a hothouse cluttered with eccentric blossoms.
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  7. Thought not cluttered, the little room is luxuriant and dense.
  8. Sunbeam had no choice but to cut its cluttered product mix.
  9. He could skate clean, cluttered, or anything in between.
  10. The grandstands were still cluttered with fidgety kids and soccer moms.
  11. Otherwise faint, apparitional days were cluttered with too strong odors.
  12. You don't find cluttered cabinets in a professional kitchen.
  13. No wonder the Web site has a cluttered feel to it.
  14. The newspaper and the driving school share a tiny cluttered office.
  15. Many times, Houston's mind is cluttered with indecision.
  16. The Adam and Eve story is cluttered with intrusive Christian symbolism.
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