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"clued up" meaning  "clued up" in Chinese  
  1. "She was clued up, but she took the risk, " he said.
  2. :I personally doubt that Mohammed is fully clued up on Wikipedia rulings or etiquettes.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me, otherwise he's a very clued up newbie!
  4. Have joined but not yet clued up at all.
  5. "A really clued up petty official should have spotted that and pressed charges, " it said.
  6. It's difficult to find clued up in a sentence.
  7. I'm sure there are other users who are much more clued up on this than I am.
  8. Alongside the " All Clued Up " engraved pen set, the winning couple also take the leather-bound Oxford Dictionary.
  9. I think it is becoming clear that I am not as clued up on policy as I thought I was.
  10. "He went all right when he went there in the first Test and he's all clued up about the job,"
  11. I'm not too clued up on the French language, nor on the phonetic pronunciation text that accompanies many articles on Wikipedia.
  12. Toyah was portrayed as cocky, naive, too trusting and occasionally needing to be " a bit more clued up " about things.
  13. "Her Majesty comes over as a cross between a busy housewife and multilingual, clued up businesswoman, " commented the tabloid Sunday Mirror.
  14. In 2000 the " Times Educational Supplement " published an article titled " Clued up " in which Roger was interviewed by Steven Hastings.
  15. Since the work of unconfirmed editors isn't being deleted in AfC that shows that " they " are the ones who are clued up.
  16. The queue of articles for the trial is pages that have this applied so that you are clued up for the discussion following the trial.
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