clue to in a sentence

"clue to" in Chinese  
  1. Such revisions are closely watched by traders for clues to future inflation.
  2. Bahamian investigators have searched through the wreckage for clues to the crash.
  3. There was no sign of the whale or clue to its condition.
  4. Even the little details can offer us clues to their plans ."
  5. The statement gave no clue to why Hutchence may have committed suicide.
  6. It's difficult to find clue to in a sentence.
  7. Investigators hoped their haul would offer clues to further crush the group.
  8. It took a string of clues to track down the California culprit.
  9. But this offers no clue to what the blockages are made of.
  10. Outside watchers monitor state funeral committee lineups for clues to power shifts.
  11. The animals might give clues to helping women stay healthy after menopause.
  12. Kyle took several DNA tests that offer clues to his origins.
  13. The gray cardboard box offered few clues to its actual contents.
  14. Experts watched the race for clues to changes in voting trends.
  15. Investigators are now examining the data for clues to the tragedy.
  16. This may provide clues to the country where it was purchased.
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