clue on in a sentence

"clue on" in Chinese  
  1. They were going to look for clues on the actual machine itself,
  2. :Comparing their strategies to these strategies may yield clues on the specifics.
  3. Okamoto revels there are not clues on how or who did it.
  4. I have no good clue on the proper procedure, all things considered.
  5. Police said they had no clues on the identity of the attackers.
  6. It's difficult to find clue on in a sentence.
  7. The commissioners have offered no clues on what plan they now favor.
  8. Investors will get more clues on the economy's strength and inflation next week.
  9. Pepe gives Pinocchio clues on how to find the Heart of the Mountain.
  10. And that could give you clues on where else to look.
  11. Officials provided few clues on Monday night to the group's background.
  12. Children received clues on the mission through e-mails seemingly written by Jonny Quest.
  13. Sorry but sounds like you have no clue on the subject of music.
  14. But Iraqi police officers in Karbala offered another clue on Friday.
  15. Traders and investors will get few clues on the economy before next week.
  16. Typically, he gave no clues on whom he had in mind.
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