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  1. Authorities did not reveal whether they had any clues in the slaying.
  2. The document is just one clue in the mystery of Hiram Torres'fate.
  3. Airliners carry two recorders to provide clues in case of a crash.
  4. Tom found the clue in a Robert Browning sonnet, and they escaped.
  5. When they opened it they found their next clue in the briefcase.
  6. It's difficult to find clue in in a sentence.
  7. It is time for management to be clued in rather than clueless.
  8. So we were kind of clued in to anything that looked weird.
  9. They also find the clue in the Amber Room, located by Nataliya.
  10. Anyway, we should all be clued in next Sunday or shortly thereafter.
  11. There were few clues in the case, Israeli and Palestinian police said.
  12. He knew that the people had to be clued in and prepared.
  13. The clue is a reference to the clue in episode 8.
  14. The signs are everywhere, littered about like clues in a mystery.
  15. Authorities gained a clue in March after a bank robbery in Walnut Creek.
  16. Additional relatives, not yet clued in, are scheduled to drop by.
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