clothes rack in a sentence

"clothes rack" in Chinese  
  1. Q . I have an old clothes rack secured to the wall.
  2. Lots of fun watching wives finger trinkets and flip through clothes racks.
  3. At this point, we're standing by a clothes rack in the hall.
  4. Ouedraogo said, waving his arms at the clothing racks in his shop.
  5. First, the manager of Xuly-Bet came by to borrow clothing racks.
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  7. The penthouse seemed well-equipped, including low-level clothes racks that slide into the vestibule.
  8. Instead, it was clothes racks, hand tools, shelving, jewelry cases and telephone systems.
  9. For example lots of hotels don't really provide a truly large clothes rack.
  10. Where workers push around clothes racks draped with yellow and red rhinestoned capes.
  11. Meanwhile, treadmills, which really do offer solid exercise, turn into extra clothing racks.
  12. Daniel Jeantinoble is in the clothes racks at a sale.
  13. Ladies get last chance to finger trinkets and flip clothes racks in ship's store.
  14. The sloth tried its best to feel at home on a slick stainless-steel clothing rack.
  15. Don't look for the $ 900-$ 1, 000 outerwear on local clothing racks anytime soon.
  16. A . For a clothes rack, it is best to keep the wood plain and unfinished.
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