clothes pins in a sentence

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  1. We made little guns out of clothes pins and matches.
  2. The bomb sent to Marquis used a clothes pin in the triggering device.
  3. -- Clothes pins, to use for closing chips bags and hanging laundry.
  4. It also offers workshops in paper doll making and clothes pin doll making for children.
  5. My first choice was clothes pins.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes pins in a sentence.
  7. He lives with Arthur, who is gentle, wears clothes pins and probably is mildly retarded.
  8. I want the clothes pins carried in a plain white cotton pouch that ties around the waist.
  9. Here, put this clothes pin on your nose and get a little closer to these numbers:
  10. Soldiers in battle fatigues hawk clothes pins, chocolate, shoes and sausage at a riverfront market.
  11. "Put a clothes pin here if it won't start on a cold day ."
  12. They can be attached to a barbed-wire fence or tree limb easily with their clothes pin-type connectors.
  13. Finds included clothes pins and pottery dating to the 12 13th centuries confirming the activity was contemporary with Falks de Breaut?s castle.
  14. When they have been taken away and all the Germans have left, LeClerc comes into the caf? disguised as a gypsy clothes pins seller.
  15. In the late 1880s Thomas was president of the U . S . Clothes Pin Company, of Montpelier, which had 15 employees and customers worldwide.
  16. Also, encourage handmade gifts-- you'd be surprised what kids can make with clothes pins, wiggle eyes, magnets and a little glue.
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