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  1. Clothing patterns are traditional to each tribe, and the cloth is woven by the women.
  2. Yup'ik clothing patterns also provided a means for teaching geometry and could be used to teach literacy.
  3. Her business became a husband-and-wife concern, with J . Sanford Potter assisting by drafting her clothing patterns.
  4. After working with a well-connected woman, Lady Arley, on clothing patterns, they focused on selling to aristocrats.
  5. They were nicknamed after Amelia Bloomer, pioneer editor of The Lily, which published clothes patterns for the rebel outfits.
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  7. Spruce even bows to the do-it-yourselfers among readers by providing two full clothing patterns, one men's and one women's.
  8. At first producing only boy's and men's clothing patterns, the Buttericks expanded to dresses and women's clothes in 1866.
  9. Clothing patterns were gradually standardised from the 1860s, and an outfitter, Aitken & Niven, was appointed for the school after 1905.
  10. Clothing pattern-making can use a version of the Wartenberg wheel, called a pounce wheel, to transfer markings from fabric to paper.
  11. Gates Wednesday demonstrated an exercise bike with a touch-screen computer attached and a sewing machine with a screen that displays clothing patterns.
  12. Dollhouses were constructed by Jim who also made the miniature furniture often used in the photographs and he also drafted the clothing patterns.
  13. The show features a distinct art style, which was mainly a lot of flat, dry colors and characters that moved with clothing patterns.
  14. The DC version of the game also allowed users to design their own clothes patterns, care for a digital pet, and play various mini-games.
  15. I recently discovered two tapestry patterns from 1876 each are double sided on one side clothing patterns on the other side maybe embordry prints / designs.
  16. In addition to clothing patterns, the magazine published photos and drawings of embroidery and needlework that could be used to adorn both clothing and items for the home.
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