clothes over bros in a sentence

  1. Victoria returns to Tree Hill and attempts to lure Brooke back to Clothes Over Bros after the company goes under.
  2. The Clothes Over Bros dynasty consists of " B . Davis Magazine " and a high-end couture line.
  3. The Clothes Over Bros logo ( C | B ) is incorporated on Peyton's drawing of a heart on fire.
  4. Brooke admits that she started her company " Clothes Over Bros " to deal with her broken heart after her breakup with Lucas.
  5. At the beginning of season eight, it is discovered Victoria and Millicent have been defrauding Clothes Over Bros . and its investors.
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  7. While dealing with the emotional aftermath of the adoption falling through, she receives a job offer from Clothes Over Bros to move to New York and return to the company to design.
  8. In season five, Clothes Over Bros has become a full-blown fashion company headed by Brooke Davis herself, but with the business side carried out by her mother, Victoria.
  9. Rocked by the death of Jimmy during the Clothes Over Bros . Although their relationship has been strained at times, Mouth and Millie currently live together in Tree Hill and host a morning show.
  10. Kramer played the role of Alex Dupre, an actress and tabloid darling who becomes the new face of Brooke Davis's fashion line, " Clothes Over Bros ", and creates havoc for the residents of Tree Hill.
  11. In season seven, Julian catches Alex Dupre's eye, a model and actress hired by Brooke for " Clothes Over Bros . " Brooke becomes very jealous of the friendship between the two and they break up for a while.
  12. She hires an actress, Alex Dupre, to be the new face of Clothes Over Bros, and after Millicent stands in for a model during a fashion show Brooke puts together at TRIC, she asks her to be a model as well.
  13. She also battles with Millicent after she demands to be paid $ 500, 000 for being the face of Clothes Over Bros ( which she has become after Alex got fired ), which hurts Brooke after all she's done for Millie and how ungrateful she's being despite of that.
  14. Once her company has officially been sold and she's no longer affiliated with Clothes Over Bros, she takes out her frustrations on Sylvia by saying she doesn't want her money or her input for the wedding and wants to do it her way with her budget, causing a rift between the two, though they later patch this up after Julian tells Brooke that Sylvia's only been acting how she has been acting because she is threatened by Brooke, since Sylvia was always the closest person in Julian's life before Brooke came along.

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