clothes or jewelry in a sentence

"clothes or jewelry" in Chinese  
  1. The ordinary Muisca were not allowed to wear expensive clothes or jewelry.
  2. Don't bring any clothes or jewelry you can't bear to lose.
  3. The bodies could only be identified by clothing or jewelry.
  4. _Don't wear loose clothing or jewelry because it may become caught in moving parts.
  5. But there was no ostentation, no high-priced clothing or jewelry.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes or jewelry in a sentence.
  7. I did not wear fancy clothing or jewelry or carry large amounts of cash.
  8. "I'm not interested in clothing or jewelry, I don't smoke or drink, I can't travel.
  9. The bodies were only idetifiable by clothing or jewelry.
  10. The search warrant affidavit also confirms that few clothes or jewelry were found with the victims.
  11. Most were identified by clothing or jewelry.
  12. Only 1 percent chose clothes or jewelry.
  13. In most schoolyard shakedowns, bullies threaten or beat up children who resist handing over coveted clothing or jewelry.
  14. The killer comes across a piece of clothing or jewelry taken from a victim and remembers the crime.
  15. In many of the 49 Green River slayings, no clothing or jewelry was found with the women's remains.
  16. During this time, she is not to remarry, move from her home, or wear decorative clothing or jewelry.
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