clothes optional in a sentence

  1. All Golden State " clothing optional " beaches are located.
  2. Similar clothing optional days are held regularly a few times a year.
  3. Clothing Optional Night was planned for the Palm Springs Suns game July 8.
  4. There are several swimming beaches on the islands, including clothing optional section.
  5. The pool and bar areas are clothing optional.
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  7. The pools are clothing optional and family friendly.
  8. Barinatxe is a clothing optional beach.
  9. The " clothing optional " resort for gay men says it does not admit sightseers.
  10. Mammoliti claimed that prostitution was already occurring at Hanlan's Point, a clothing optional beach.
  11. Bunculuka beach is a smaller clothing optional pebble beach adjacent to the large Bunculuka naturist camping site.
  12. The rocky beach on the outside of the peninsula is clothing optional but mostly used by naturists.
  13. Recently, National Park Service officials discussed putting up signs designating portions of the beach as clothing optional.
  14. The Suns had hoped a " Clothing Optional Night " on July 8 would boost attendance.
  15. Two of Sandals resorts have small discreet clothing optional beaches, quite widely known but not overtly advertised.
  16. Stayner, fond of sunbathing in the nude, was arrested Saturday at a clothing optional resort near Sacramento.
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