clothes off in a sentence

  1. The women were arrested after they started taking their clothes off.
  2. When the water rushed in, it stripped my clothing off,
  3. During the audition, I never even took my clothes off.
  4. Stripping down emotionally was much harder than taking my clothes off.
  5. It was all her idea, to take her clothes off.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes off in a sentence.
  7. He'll tear the clothes off your back ."
  8. She takes clothes off hangers and throws them into the box.
  9. It's wrong to pull someone's clothes off.
  10. "Think my clothes off, " says one.
  11. Sharp patches of ice had stripped the clothes off one victim.
  12. Mobs stripped the clothing off the white owners of these businesses.
  13. The crowd is screaming for them to take their clothes off.
  14. He tore my clothes off, and the children were in there.
  15. The man then announced he was going to cut his clothing off.
  16. I gave them what I had, the clothes off my back,
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