clothes make the men in a sentence

"clothes make the men" in Chinese  
  1. Like Bill Blass and Calvin Klein, he understood that clothes make the man.
  2. For that, we can only salute her .-----Clothes make the man
  3. If clothes make the man, it may be worth acquiring the emperor's clothes.
  4. And he adds, " As Mark Twain himself said, ` Clothes make the man.
  5. But UCLA's McCabe reminds parents that clothing makes the man.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes make the men in a sentence.
  7. And at Renaissance faires _ as on Wall Street _ clothes make the man.
  8. They say clothes make the man, but sometimes it is the other way around.
  9. And from Mark Twain : " Clothes make the man.
  10. There's that old saying, " clothes make the man ."
  11. UNDATED : Does clothing make the man more memorable?
  12. Laurence Olivier taught him that clothes make the man.
  13. "Clothes make the man, " says one of Cleg's fellow residents at a halfway house.
  14. FOOD-PLATES ( Undated ) _ If clothes make the man, do plates make the dish?
  15. But Belichick isn't counting on clothes making the men.
  16. Clothes make the man, goes the old saw.
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