clothes make the man in a sentence

"clothes make the man" in Chinese  
  1. For that, we can only salute her .-----Clothes make the man
  2. Like Bill Blass and Calvin Klein, he understood that clothes make the man.
  3. If clothes make the man, it may be worth acquiring the emperor's clothes.
  4. And at Renaissance faires _ as on Wall Street _ clothes make the man.
  5. But UCLA's McCabe reminds parents that clothing makes the man.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes make the man in a sentence.
  7. And he adds, " As Mark Twain himself said, ` Clothes make the man.
  8. There's that old saying, " clothes make the man ."
  9. And from Mark Twain : " Clothes make the man.
  10. They say clothes make the man, but sometimes it is the other way around.
  11. UNDATED : Does clothing make the man more memorable?
  12. But Belichick isn't counting on clothes making the men.
  13. FOOD-PLATES ( Undated ) _ If clothes make the man, do plates make the dish?
  14. "Clothes make the man, " says one of Cleg's fellow residents at a halfway house.
  15. Laurence Olivier taught him that clothes make the man.
  16. Clothes make the man, goes the old saw.
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