clothes lines in a sentence

"clothes lines" in Chinese  
  1. Frachey has grand plans for Fila Sport, the clothing line.
  2. Actress Delta Burke has a new plus-size clothing line.
  3. Without a clothing line to market or an autobiography to sell?
  4. I decided I could do a clothing line that reflected that.
  5. His moribund clothing line, Holyfield Warrior, will resurface soon.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes lines in a sentence.
  7. Kmart, wanted 66 because of its Route 66 clothing line.
  8. And a joint NBA-Entertainers clothing line is coming out.
  9. The trend of rappers getting their own clothing lines is silly.
  10. She has been acting, modeling and designing a clothing line.
  11. He had a magazine, a clothing line, a restaurant.
  12. He also promoted his Jordan Brand clothing line and rode motorcycles.
  13. Most of these designers employ fetish models for their clothing line.
  14. Westwood wanted to expand the sleeveless T-shirt clothing line.
  15. He also launched a custom men's suit clothing line.
  16. Also in the same year she launched her own clothing line.
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