clothes line in a sentence

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  1. Are clothing lines from rappers a good idea or a bad idea?
  2. Her future plans include starting a clothing line with her designer mother.
  3. Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan have clothing lines for babies.
  4. Retailers are creating products, clothing lines and even stores just for tweens.
  5. DiCarlo said he has never had one complaint about his clothing line.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes line in a sentence.
  7. The company makes garments for clothing lines including Bill Blass and Generra.
  8. He has released a new clothing line _ the Holyfield Warrior line.
  9. Q : You have a clothing line and so does Jaclyn Smith.
  10. Other celebrities with clothing lines include Sean " P . Diddy"
  11. My clothing line is meant to help children, not hurt them.
  12. Dj CashOnly is Also the CEO of CashOnly Empire Clothing Line.
  13. With a more expensive clothing line, they can size it smaller.
  14. In September 2014, Brook launched a clothing line for Simply Be.
  15. Azria also owns Parallel, To the Max and Maxime clothing lines.
  16. Some clothing lines even have cell phones and other gadgets built-in.
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