clothes iron in a sentence

"clothes iron" in Chinese  
  1. A clothing iron was taken out of a kitchen, I think ."
  2. Women in the 1960s sometimes used clothing irons to straighten their hair.
  3. The new factory produced springs, clothes irons, and other metal accessories.
  4. Anybody notice how the bread looks like it was toasted with a clothes iron?
  5. Following this, Omaima stabbed Bill with scissors, then began beating him with a clothes iron.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes iron in a sentence.
  7. In the 19th century clothes iron were also produced.
  8. A boat propeller lies beside a clothes iron.
  9. A hot object such as a clothes iron is applied to the veneer, liquefying the underlying glue.
  10. Jura used to be well known as a producer of other home appliances too, especially clothes irons.
  11. The term is a neologism, created by Victorian antiquarians due to the shape's resemblance to a clothes iron.
  12. "We're not afraid, we've had this before in Termez, " he said, concentrating on fixing a clothing iron.
  13. It is cooked on a comal with a hot piece of metal placed on top that resembles a clothes iron.
  14. As with numerous other wedge-shaped buildings, the name " Flatiron " derives from its resemblance to a cast-iron clothes iron.
  15. His son-in-law, Diomid Strungaru, was stripped of all positions in academia, and had to work at a clothes iron factory.
  16. Don't miss the Gold Rush-era clothes irons at Alicia's _ cast-iron beasts that were heated on top of a wood-burning stove.
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