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  1. I like the clothes hamper empty, and the refrigerator full.
  2. A clothes hamper makes a convenient case for your survival kit.
  3. They later found the shoes in a clothes hamper.
  4. The baby was later found dead in a clothes hamper in her apartment.
  5. Guess who's Bozo when the above articles are found in the dirty clothes hamper?
  6. It's difficult to find clothes hamper in a sentence.
  7. Chihuahuas love their dens and will often burrow themselves in pillows, clothes hampers, and blankets.
  8. Morick and Moore marketed their new line as Great Stuff, with products that included a kiddie clothes hamper.
  9. He often suggests militaristic solutions for neighborhood problems, often getting him locked in a clothes hamper by Pig.
  10. One woman heard the sirens, climbed into her b # thtub and put a clothes hamper over her head.
  11. In one of the empty houses, an official plastic ballot box for the August election was serving as a clothes hamper.
  12. When investigators arrived at her apartment about 2 a . m . Tuesday, prosecutors said, Cooper hid the baby in a clothes hamper.
  13. For girls, the vibrant Zoe minibed set with embroidered flowers at Linens'n Things can be paired with accessories ranging from clothes hampers to dust bins.
  14. At one time it was common for laundry services to leave a large basketwork container with a lid which is now commonly referred to as a clothes hamper.
  15. The crew now realise that it was the nano version of " Red Dwarf " that they were chasing all along  the nanobots ended up evading them by coming aboard " Starbug " and travelling around their own galaxy inside Lister's clothes hamper.
  16. Brennan said, " The plastic milk crates that stored my clothes in college became my first apartment coffee table, then my TV stand, and now 10 years later I'm using them to store things in my closet . " ( Suggestion : a $ 19.95 clothes hamper from Bed Bath and Beyond that doubles as an end table or a stool.

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