clothes and fashion in a sentence

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  1. He is the designer of luxury ready-to-wear clothing and fashion accessories.
  2. She loved clothes and fashion, always staying on top of the latest trends,
  3. Siegel contributed to the " Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion ".
  4. She was editor-in-chief of the three-volume Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion.
  5. Selling clothes and fashion jewellery targeted at the young fashion market.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes and fashion in a sentence.
  7. The company sells youth ready-to-wear clothing and fashion accessories.
  8. Most of shops here sell textiles, clothes and fashion products, footwear and sportswear, watch and jewelries.
  9. However, clothing and fashion are not the same thing, and it is important to understand this.
  10. She also channeled her lifelong passion for clothing and fashion and became involved in fashion design.
  11. Clothing and fashion are going to change.
  12. All of our collections are conceptual takes on ideas of clothing and fashion, each with its particular theme,
  13. The shop, which has no name, sells designer clothing and fashion accessories shoplifted from Italy and smuggled into Serbia.
  14. By 2001, his business empire was diversified into ceramics, agriculture, packaging, freight-forwarding, clothing and fashion, media and investments .,
  15. It has successfully transitioned into a lifestyle brand including tech, clothing and fashion accessories over the last five years.
  16. "Blush " features articles on topics such as prenatal tests, breastfeeding, postnatal fitness, nutritional supplements, and maternity clothing and fashion.
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