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  1. In 1895, William Boydell constructed this double house, designed by Almon Clother Varney as his home.
  2. The outer three-fourths of the wing is uniformly clother with broadly white-tipped dark brownish fuscous scales.
  3. In 1901, Sampson hired Almon Clother Varney to design an apartment building; Varney took out a building permit for the lot where the Waumbek eventually stood.
  4. The Elena Mir?brand originated in 1985 " within the Alba-based clothing company Vestebene ( now Miroglio Fashion ) . " It focuses on clother for women " with fuller figures who wear shapely sizes ".
  5. Barfoot and Clother received an  Honorable mention at the Dragon Con film festival for " The Reckoning " in 2003 . " The Reckoning " also won Sky Movies Top Ten Short Films of All Time with Richard Jobson.
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  7. Winning two U . S . Platinum Remis for " Phoenix " and then " Hellion " and two Gold Remis with fellow writer / producer Robert Clother, for " Dead Clean " ( starring, Mark Chapman, Susie Lumley, Lex van Delden ) led Barfoot to write a spate of feature movie screenplays.

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