clothe with in a sentence

"clothe with" in Chinese  
  1. Dyeing clothing with the red dirt of Sedona, that is.
  2. They have increased the pressure by developing clothing with Velcro strips.
  3. Rather, it was to imbue his clothes with fierce individuality.
  4. Take the passage in which Don Giovanni trades clothes with Leporello.
  5. -- Concern about losing their nice clothes with their luggage.
  6. It's difficult to find clothe with in a sentence.
  7. So you can get Gap clothes with an Old Navy logo.
  8. But quality clothes with great silhouettes, are non-existent.
  9. Like how to make clothes with little holes for the tail.
  10. He was decked out in black velvet evening clothes with britches.
  11. The boiler and the firebox were entirely clothed with Alfol insulation.
  12. Zoab driving car rashly sprays Nayab's clothes with mud.
  13. The dorsal area is clothed with elongate scales towards the base.
  14. Sometimes you find your clothes with big holes in them,
  15. To reduce wrinkles, layer clothes with plastic dry-cleaning bags.
  16. But Valentino has always made beautiful clothes with that spirit.
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