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  1. "It's not a closed deal,"
  2. It's a closed deal, the matter's finished.
  3. Ferradaz and his ministry have been busy closing deals.
  4. With three supports and MoS issue fixed the Gamper looks a closed deal.
  5. The Internet keiretsu may help make a corporate connection or cinch a close deal.
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  7. Enron executives may have also closed deals as quickly as possible for accounting reasons.
  8. We hope to be able to close deals with some major shops this week.
  9. It aims to support all attendees in initiating new business opportunities and closing deals.
  10. But will companies incur the additional expense of live human beings to help close deals?
  11. Even Democrats gave him credit for stepping in and helping close deals on some issues.
  12. He expected to close deals for the book soon in at least two other countries.
  13. Weill says, using an old brokerage term for booking trades, or closing deals.
  14. Coffeehouses were also sometimes used by businessmen and merchants for meeting clients and closing deals.
  15. Sales teams need to understand how SDP will help them better manage and close deals.
  16. No one came to close deals.
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