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  1. Only Minnesota and Wisconsin heard the closing bell after the first round.
  2. But arbitrage buying boosted prices shortly before the closing bell, traders said.
  3. But they recovered the bulk of their losses before the closing bell.
  4. Traders continued work in a normal, business-as-usual manner until the closing bell.
  5. Finally, the closing bell rang and trading came to an abrupt halt.
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  7. When the closing bell was sounded, the price had dropped to RM2.59.
  8. Oracle is scheduled to report quarterly profits after the closing bell today.
  9. But prices turned mixed following arbitrage selling toward the day's closing bell.
  10. Additionally, Dell Computer is expected to post numbers after the closing bell today.
  11. The big item on Thursday's calendar, however, comes well after the closing bell.
  12. By the closing bell, all three major market indicators were lower.
  13. Holbert crossed the finish line 17 seconds ahead of a fast closing Bell.
  14. Later Friday, he rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange.
  15. When the closing bell rings, stocks are down 39.6 percent from September's high.
  16. The Nikkei gained slightly on arbitrage buying toward the closing bell, dealers said.
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